July 2020: Dictionaries4Life

Wed, Jul 1st 2020 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

328 Illustrated Dictionaries delivered to all the primary schools in Ossett

Despite the difficulties this year, and thanks to Rtn Vice President Paul and his team, all 328 Dictionaries were delivered to the schools on Wednesday the 1st July. 

Each of these dictionaries has a newly designed label, created by Paul, depicting this year's Theme - Rotary Opens Opportunities.The new label looks splendid, and the Dictionaries are a very apt example of this year's Rotary Theme.

Arrangements have been made with some of the schools for the teachers, who have regularly been visiting their Year 2 pupils at home, to take the Dictionaries to their homes; other pupils, who are being brought back into school for the last two weeks of term, will have a special day on which they will be given the Dictionaries on our behalf.

At some of the Primary Schools, where the current Year 2 Pupils will be the School's Year 3 pupils in September, the school will simply hold over the presentation assemblies until the new academic year.