The Rotary Rose

Read about our plans to celebrate our re-emergence from lockdown with the Rotary Rose

Did you know that Rotary has its own rose? 

Called 'Rotary Sunrise' it was developed in England by a Rotarian rose-grower in 2004 to mark Rotary's centenary. One of our members, Martin Anscombe,  came across it in the Butchart Gardens of Victoria Island Vancouver. He also recalls seeing one in the Cathedral Rose Garden, part of the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds.

Martin recently had the idea of promoting the rose as a way of celebrating the country's (and the world's) eventual emergence from the current global pandemic. A bit of detective work enabled him to locate the original rose grower, and arrangements are in hand to relaunch the 'Rotary Sunrise' rose. 

Watton & District Rotary Club has teamed up with Peter Beales Roses in Attleborough to distribute an initial batch of 113 roses for sale to Rotary members and clubs in District 1080 and beyond, or to buy directly from Beales. Each of the first 113 Rotary Sunrises is containerised and designated a ' Re-launch Special Limited Edition'. This initial batch will be propagated over the winter by the grower to be delivered in the Spring.

We anticipate that this will be a long-term project extending to RGBI in the next couple of years, with potential for International sales as well.

For every 'Rotary Sunrise' rose sold, £1 will be donated to Rotary Foundation. 

To obtain an order form contact Martin at