Zoom Club Meeting

Tue 20th October 2020 at 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Guest Speaker: Donna Wallbank, Immediate Past RIBI President

Donna Wallbank, Immediate Past RIBI President 

Her Rotary journey
I had gone to lunch. It was the Talisman pub in Brynmawr on a Tuesday where Rotary met, and a lady came down from the restaurant.
So I said: “What are you doing upstairs with all of those men?”
She went on to explain to me that Rotary wasn’t just men, it was dual gender – and she was a member.
I was a community-minded person and she suggested: “Why don’t you come along next week?” So I did. This was in 1997.

What attracted you to Rotary?
I was 34. At the same time, I had been invited to join the Lions.
With my background, it would have been natural if I had joined the Lions because I come from a really challenged working class background.
But once I had been invited to join Rotary and I looked at the four-way test, what they stood for, and the ‘service above self’ motto got me, I thought I would go.
I was scared because, to me, they were posh people and I wasn’t. Whereas, in my head, the Lions were working class people.
Rotary wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. They were lovely people, and all of them have gone on to become great friends.