Virtual District Conference 2020

Fri 16th October 2020 at 6.00 pm - Sun 18th October 2020 - 12.00 pm

Virtual District Conference 2020

Virtual Conference 2020


Friday 16th October – Evening

6.00pm Opening Plenary


        DG Francis Uwaechi – Welcome

        Conference Chair Paul Ziles – Introduction to the Virtual Conference


Presidents Reception and Networking Event

DG Francis Uwaechi welcomes Club Presidents to the conference and Presidents of each Area in the District then have the opportunity to network in breakout rooms.



Saturday 17th October – Morning

10.00am Plenary Session


        RI President Holger Knaack – Greetings

        Dr. Wendy L Patrick – The Bonding Power of Social Distancing


11.00am Webinar + Q&A: Rotary ‘Unwrapped’

Whether you’re already involved with Rotary, a seasoned volunteer elsewhere, or just beginning to explore the idea of volunteering, this webinar will help you understand and appreciate the wide range of opportunities open to you through our international organisation.


We’ll explain new initiatives in Rotary Membership, outline opportunities beyond the local club to get involved with and have personal stories from Rotarians.


Then it’s over to you – our panelists will answer all your questions and ‘Unwrap Rotary’ so that you can be confident Rotary is the avenue for you to make a difference in the world.


11.50am Webinar + Q&A: Unpacking Social Enterprise

How can Rotary engage and support this Community Economic Development.


1.00pm Lunch (Supply your own food & drink)

Saturday 17th October – Afternoon

2.00pm Webinar + Q&A: Sustainable Economic Development

A special conversation with renowned experts on sustainable economic development, social inclusion and the better management of resources. We will explore what we can do as Rotarians both within our communities and internationally to create lasting change in poor and underserved communities.


3.00pm Webinar + Q&A: Rotary & Rotaract – Stronger Together!

Find out more about Rotaract and how it can increase your impact in the community.


We’ll start by addressing the recent changes as part of “Elevate Rotaract” and the benefits for both Rotaract & Rotary. Secondly, we’ll highlight a few great examples of Rotarians & Rotaractors working together with our panelists sharing their first-hand experiences of this partnership. Finally, we will explore ideas on how you can find and create new opportunities through Rotaract, as well as tips for starting or sponsoring a new Rotaract Club in your area.


Saturday 17th October – Evening

7.30pm An evening’s entertainment


        The Great Emoji Quiz

        A Treasure Hunt

        The Brilliant Basics Rotary Quiz




Sunday 18th October – Morning

10.00am Closing Plenary

Life Skills Peace Project in Uganda

This capacity-building District Peace Project entails the set up of a rural vocational school in the Oyam District of Northern Uganda which is the focus of President Ambassador Julius Moto (RC Westminster West). The Oyam District was heavily affected by civil war involving the Lord’s Resistance Movement. Resettlement of the affected Youth has commenced and they need vocational skills which we term as life skills, to work and maintain Peace.


This project will be presented in collaboration with the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) which has an agreement with RI to promote positive peace. The IEP will explain the framework of the 8 pillars of positive peace and tie in the life skills project to the positive peace framework.


        PDG Tony Sharma & Mo Ayyaz – Indus Peace Park: Pakistan-India Border


Youth Service


        Rotary Young Citizens Awards

        Rotary Young Filmmaker Competition – Knife Crime



        Closing by DG Francis Uwaechi and Conference Chair Paul Ziles