8,000 Mile Challenge Fundraiser

Join us this November/ December as we've set ourselves the challenge of walking/running/cycling 8,000 miles to raise funds for End Polio Now. Representing the borders of Pakistan & Afghanistan, the final two countries Polio is still active in.

This November/ December, we've set ourselves the challenge of walking/ running/ cycling 8,000 miles to raise funds for End Polio Now. 8,000 miles represents the borders of the final two countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan that still have Polio active in the country. Prior to this year, it was looking like we may be able to eradicate polio forever very soon. However, due to coronavirus, we know this will now taken even longer.

Help us ensure that we don't have to wait too much longer to get rid of polio forever.

Our challenge is now only focused on people's wellbeing, but also, to help everyone have a focus and drive to go outside at a more gloomy part of the year!

Support us, or event join us on this adventure! :)

8,000 Mile Challenge Fundraiser sub-pages:

What we raised

more We raised over £2200 in our End Polio now campaign. Well done everyone who took part and supported us.

8,000 Mile Challenge Fundraiser - Updates

more Keep an eye on this page for all the updates on the challenge, see how we're getting on and much more