Sports/ 2020 Gavel Challenge

28/10/20: It was a good night and West Fife didn't do too badly at all. We managed to get a very respectable score against top teams.

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The West Fife team of Robert, Helen, Ian, Janice, Ken and Neil enjoyed Wednesday’s Gavel Challenge Quiz, and thanks for taking part on behalf of our club. The team did very well indeed, but unfortunate that there were other high scorers.

12 clubs took part with Carnegie Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy first equal with a score of 93 then Dunfermline on 90, then West Fife with 86  – so we were pretty much up there.

Professor Robert said “As representatives of our club one doesn’t want to show off ones intellect too much and be burdened by having to continually provide examples of our collective very high IQ.”