Fund Raising for “Purple 4 Polio”

Help support the Purple-4- Polio project by buying beautifully illustrated cards.

“Purple 4 Polio” is the Rotary International campaign for the worldwide eradica6on of Polio. The disease has been eradicated from all countries with the exception of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the work is continuing. The Gates Foundation is donating double any funds raised by Rotary Clubs. You can find out more about the “Purple 4 Polio” campaign here.

Sudbury Rotary Club is selling cards to raise funds towards the project. The cards feature a Crocus Ruby Giant artwork - the colour of the crocus is similar to the colour of the dye into which a child’s finger is dipped to show that they have been vaccinated.

These cards are illustrated by the Club President Sandra Wall Armitage, PPSBA Fellow, a botanical artist and Past President of The Society of Botanical Artists Ltd., an international art charity. Sandra has worked for a wide number of card publishers and, as a committed Rotarian of nearly 20 years, has regularly raised funds using her vocation in this way.

Cards are 152 mm square (6 inches x 6inches), are blank inside and The “Purple 4 Polio” logo is on the back of the card with a short paragraph about the eradicaton campaign. The cards can be used throughout the year to promote Rotary’s mission to eradicate polio.

Sudbury Rotary Club is offering these quality cards in packs of 10, with envelopes, at a special price of £20 (plus postage) with a donation of 70p per card going to the Polio campaign - this equates to 3 vaccinations per card sale and a possible further 6 vaccinations from the Gates Foundation. Alternatively, cards can be bought in smaller quantities if need be.

Please note the © belongs to the artist.

To order one or more packs of cards and also smaller quantities, contact Sandra via the link below and you will be able to email your order to Sandra, who will acknowledge the order and provide bank details for payment.

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