Online Learning Project

In partnership with Ivybridge RC, providing laptops for children to access online learning.

What’s it all about?

We are thrilled to be part of a collaborative community project with Ivybridge Rotary Club, whereby we have come together to support the learning of disadvantaged children. It became very apparent, with school closures during the first national lockdown, that so many children struggled to access the online learning set by their teachers. This digital divide clearly places some children at a distinct disadvantage which in the long term can limit their life chances. Having identified this issue, Ivybridge Club invited Saltram Club to join them in an attempt to re-balance the picture locally.


How does it work?

It’s simple! Individuals and businesses donate their surplus laptops and tablets which are professionally cleaned and refurbished for their new owners. We don’t know who the new owners are and neither do we need to know! Instead we rely on the knowledge of local Headteachers because we hand them the devices so they can pass them to the children and families where they know the need is greatest. The children sign a contract to say they will look after the equipment and we commit to replace the device should it prove defective in the first six months.


How can you help?

If you have a device that we can re-cycle, then please get in touch. So far we have supplied over 70 local children, in both primary and secondary schools, with the technology to enable them to access learning from home. Our work continues as we strive to meet demand.

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