Our Weekly Meetings/ Passionately Purple Gin

The speaker at our Zoom meeting on 30th November was Herbert Chatters.

Herbert Chatters
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The speaker at our Zoom meeting  on 30th November was Herbert Chatters.  He was a Past President of Worksop Rotary Club and is currently a member of Salford with Swinton Rotary Club.

He gave a brief presentation on the history of Gin and is currently leading an initiative to raise money for Polio Eradication.  Working with ‘Lytham Gin’ they have produced ‘Passionately Purple Gin’ to celebrate Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio.

A percentage of the cost of every bottle sold is going to Rotary and have so far raised over £6000.  They have also just produced a  new flavour, ‘A Taste of Honey’ which was available to be purchased by members.