Opportunity Walks 2008 (Supporters & Sponsors)

Wed, Sep 10th 2008 at 12:00 am - 2:00 am

A thank you to our Supporters


Opportunity Walks 2008

Supporters and Sponsors 

Opportunity Walks 2008 has received sponsorship and support from a wide range of local business and Organisations both public and private.  The Rotary Club of Gourock wishes thank and recognise those that gave support because it was only with you that the day turned out to be a great success.  In particular the assistance given by the members of the Rotary Club of Greenock was greatly appreciated. 

This event was a sponsored charity walk by the primary school children to raise funs for the development of children's facilities in the proposed new Greenock Arts Center.  The event has raised significant funding to help develop children's facilities in the new center.  This sponsored walk in the Battery Park received the support of over 900 primary 6 school children from local Inverclyde schools. 

The sponsors included :- 

IBM                                           Barry McGuigan

National Semiconductor             Gemma McEwan

T-Mobile                                     Debbie Rodgers


Funworld                                  Douglas Brands, Sharon Murdoch


Morton Football Club                Alan McManus, Dave McGregor and Liam Kerrigan


Glens Coaches                           George Bryce

Pride O' The Clyde Coaches      George Findlay

Scottish Travel                           Robert Wilson

JJ's Coaches                              Jim Perry

McGills Buses                            Bert Hendry


Supporting the Event Included :-


Scottish Minister                        Minister for Europe, External Affairs and Culture

                                                Linda Fabiani MSP


Inverclyde Council                     Depute Provost Charlie McCallum


The Greenock Arts Guild           John Phillips, Elliott McKelvie, Brian Gavin


Strathclyde Police                      Inspector Charlie Paul


Greater Glasgow &                   Scott Bryson

Clyde Public Health


Caledon                                    Jamie MacDougall, Ivan Sharpe and Alan Beck


Inverclyde Leisure                     Jim Lyons


Active Schools                          Several individuals were involved and gave support.


Music For Youth                       Several individuals were involved and gave support.

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 President Norman Pettigrew with the first children to arrive.

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President Norman Pettigrew with Bob Webster

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District International Service Chair Bob Ross with President Norman Pettigrew

Bob Ross giving an International Service update.


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