The Walks & Runs Routes

There are 3 different routes to choose from.  Each route starts and finishes at the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre in Nailsea. 

The walk and run distance options are:

 1. The Nailsea 5K "The Stroll".  At 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) on footpaths around Nailsea, this may appeal to families and is intended to be an easy fun walk - or a not too taxing fun run to start the day!  It is pushchair/stroller, wheelchair and disability vehicle friendly. 

2. The Nailsea 10K .  At 10 kilometres (approx 6 miles) mainly in the surrounding countryside, this is for people who would prefer a route that is longer and slightly more challenging.

3. The Nailsea 20K Challenge  At 20 kilometres (approx 12 miles) mainly in the surrounding countryside, this is for the more experienced who are fit and who like more of a challenge.



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