Malawi Tool Project

Call to support of The Ecology Centre and The Rotary Club of Cowdenbeath

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Fife’s Rotary clubs get behind the Cowdenbeath Club and the Ecology Centre in Kinghorn to support this worthwhile project and help to empower those less fortunate than ourselves.  West Fife collector is Alan Farquharson.


We will accept all types of tools, except ladders (due to storage).  We collect some very obscure tools for other kits that are sent to Tools for Self-reliance, such as leather working and cobbling tools.  These tend to be hidden away in toolboxes and if you didn’t know what they were, could be disposed of.  So, it would be easier to just say that we will take anything.

Electrical tools are fine too, as we have the facilities to safety check these.  Many are then sold on to raise funds for the tool-shed, however tradesmen quality tools are sent to Africa.

Gardening tools are always needed as this is the focus of the Thursday dementia group and support many local community groups.

We also take screws, nails and jigsaw blades as these can be added to kits to help support small local charities. We have just shipped our largest tool shipment for The Global Concerns Trust, and we have depleted a lot of our high demand items and are now having to find £2000 per year to purchase these.  So, if your members have any of the following that they no longer require, I have a perfect home for them.

Plough Planes  or even just the blades
Wood working planes of all sizes.
Hand saws, rip and crosscut, especially the very old ones, as these can be resharpened.
Saw Sets
G clamps and F Clamps
Half round files (all types accepted too)
Sash Clamp Head Ends
Oil Stones
Mortice Gauges
Vices (wood working or engineering)
Carpenters pincers
Carpenters Square
Wooden & rubber mallets

We have recently been asked if we can provide wood turning and wood carving tools and draw knives.

Wood turning lathes are always needed, but we do not see many of these.