Community Survey

If you could choose one thing that would benefit your group or the wider community as a whole, what would that be?

Why are we asking the question?

The Covid pandemic has given us all a shock and has led many to reappraise their aspirations. For many years Rotary Monmouth have supported the community in various ways. Most recently by running a Community Draw to assist in raising funds for Community Groups, we have led (with the Rotary Monmouth Community Champions) and promoted the Monmouth Fountains Project, supported the Town Council Lantern Parade and schools competing in the “Youth Speaks and are currently promoting additional competitions. Individual Rotarians are also active in many other areas from the Monmouth Fridge to cleaning park benches on Chippenham (with the Rotary Monmouth Community Champions). Are there new ways or new opportunities for us to serve the community?
We would like to expand our Service activities in Monmouth and surrounding areas. But would like to be guided by the community as to what is important to you.

Why should you respond?

Your community, group or club may have needs that, if identified here, it may be possible for us to help meet. Obviously, time and funds are limited, and we may need to work together over time to achieve the desired outcome, but we are keen to engage with you now to start that process. However, obviously our resources are limited and we will have to prioritise any requests or suggestions we receive.
You can also respond as an individual. Please fill out the form below or email us at


What will we do with your answer?

We will communicate with you to show that we have received it, we may seek clarification or more information and we plan to communicate with you as we work through the requests that we receive so that we are all clear about what is happening and what is needed next. We will hold your contact details under the terms of our Privacy Policy which means that we will only use this information for the reasons you gave it us, and we will not sell or divulge to a third party without your consent. 

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