Great Parks Cheque

Preston Rotary Covid Appeal Cheque Presentation

Preston Rotary Club Coronavirus Appeal Fund- Further grant.

Preston Rotary Club have just made a further grant from their Coronovirus Appeal Fund  -£350 has been given to Great Parks Community Centre in Paignton and is to be used to fund the preparation and delivery of hot meals to vulnerable members of the Great Parks community.

Jenny Day, Chair of Great Parks CC, said “We had a small amount of money left over from a project which we used to help fund meals for a few vulnerable people in our community whilst helping Jordan, a trainee chef, hone his skills. We stretched the money out as long as we could, sourcing some free ingredients and using our volunteers to collect the food and deliver the meals but the last meals would have been on Friday 8thMay”.

Thanks to Preston Rotary Club we now have funds to see us through to the end of June. This will enable Jordan and his Dad Lorrie to cook tasty, healthy meals for at least 35 households each Friday. In addition to delivering the meals our volunteers also check to make sure other areas of support are being covered. We now have a few weeks breathing space to hopefully find some funding to help keep the scheme running after the end of June”.    If you would like to help please let Jenny know on 01803 524903 or visit their facebook page

Peter Burcher, President of Preston Rotary Club said “We knew, from our long involvement with the local community, there would be small charities doing amazing things to help ordinary people whose lives had been made so much worse in the current crisis. That’s why we set up the Appeal Fund a few weeks ago. These charities don’t have time or resources to spend on trying to attract funds,  but like Great Parks,  they make every penny count.  We will endeavour to support such charities.   We are now scratching the surface of the problem but need the tools to do the job and that means asking our local community to help us. If they can supply the funds we will make sure it is put to excellent use”.

To help with the Appeal and their work– please go to where you can make a secure and instant donation to their Appeal Fund.