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The Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill presents laptops to Glebe Primary School

Rotarian Eric Skinner, accompanied by Head Teacher Nichola Bache, presents laptops to three enthusiastic pupils of Glebe Primary School
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The members of the Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill have, for some time, been aware of the situation in local schools where, in spite of the Government scheme to distribute computers to schools, there were some schools still suffering a shortage of computers. John Fairweather, Community and Vocational Committee Chairman, conducted a survey of local schools and determined that two schools, Glebe Primary School and Grove Wood Primary School indicated that they had a need of a number of laptops.

The club had investigated a collection and re-cycling schemes but was not able to source the required computers quickly enough to satisfy the immediate need.  The members of the club, therefore, took the decision to fund the purchase of the laptops from club funds.

The first of the computers were delivered to the grateful recipients at Glebe Primary School by Rotarian Eric Skinner on Thursday 11th February.

Head Teacher, Nichola Bache, expressed her gratitude for the donation and explained that the school had received 18 computers through the Government scheme but, as the school has 104 pupils, there was still a substantial shortfall that was limiting access to home schooling for some of the pupils.     

Nichola was certain that the extra computers would make a massive difference to the pupils concerned and, when the current crisis is resolved, the computers will be returned to the school where they can be used for the benefit of all the children.