Carers UK Partnership

Rotary and Carers UK Partnership

Tenterden Rotary Club and Carers UK

Carers UK provides a range of information and support for unpaid carers including:

  • A Helpline and expert support service
  • Advice on financial and practical matters related to caring
  • A website with a varied range of information about specific aspects of caring
  • Up to date COVID-19 guidance for carer
  • Online meetup sessions with fellow carers

You can contact their helpline 0808 808 7777 Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or contact Carers UK by email at any time. Alternatively you can also find guidance on their website

If you are an unpaid carer or know someone who is please sign up or encourage the person you know to sign up to be a Carers UK member here:

Membership is free and it will provide a range of services, including access to the Carers UK Forum, where carers can ask questions and share their experience with fellow carers.

When signing up, please tick the “Other” box on the application in response to “Where did you hear about joining Carers UK?” and enter “Rotary” in the box below it. You will then receive your membership details which will allow you to log into the Carers UK Forum

The Tenterden Rotary Club Ambassador for the Rotary Great Britain & Ireland and Carers UK Partnership is Emma MacLennan

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