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We follow Safeguarding measures to protect youth/children's identities


All schools continue to be under tremendous pressure with the uncertain difficulties with Covid-19, on top of everything else.  For much of the same reason, plus safeguarding, our prizewinning opportunities for youngsters need to be dealt with in-house by the school.

Planning for 2022, we aim to organise Young Writer, Young Chef,  Young Innovator, Young Photographer, and Young Achiever.  The top three schools in the area have supported before.  They are (alphabetically) : -

Oswestry School

St Martin’s School

and, The Marches School

Opportunities are available to all local schools if they contact us.  Please do.

2022 Young Writers Competition Winners

Winners Presentation at Oswestry School 2022

Front row L -R   Roan Boffey, Menna Pugsley, Nia Lincoln, Wang Qi, Joanna Cranston 

The overall winner, Wang Qi, received the John Cranwell Trophy.  John Cranwell died some time ago. After his passing the Club set up the award to honour the long service John had given to both Borderland Rotary and the community, throughout his life in Oswestry. He was a well-known bookseller and character around the town and enthusiastic about all his interests but particularly, literature, hockey and bridge.

Winners Presentation at The Marches School 17th March 2022

1st.  Matilda Brooke’s

2nd. Meg Davies

3rd. Sophie Siddi

Highly Commended:  Rosie Hitchens, George Harvey-Holmes.

For more - click on  john-cranwell-young-writer-awards

 Young Carers

Circumstances outside their control, sometimes impose a burden of "Carer" to someone else, often a relative.  Sometimes, that "Carer" is only a youngster.

Respite from that burden is so essential to be able to keep going.  Borderland Rotary support and work with the 'Young Carers' organisation to help provide this respite.  We provide different activities that enable youngsters to relax for a few hours, and have fun.  With Covid limitations these have not been practical, but we have donated £200 to help out.


Many things have been curtailed by Covid in the past 

including the Young Chef competition


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