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Young citizens action


We follow Safeguarding measures to protect youth/children's identities

In 2023-24 "Youth Services" are managed in tandem with the "Environment" by the same Borderland Rotary team of Charity Volunteers and Club members.


They support Children's and Youth initiatives around the Oswestry area and, generally encourage a community responsibility.

That includes responsibility for the Borderland Rotary support for an Interact Club and ten Rotakids Clubs.

All schools continue to be under pressure with many uncertain difficulties.   For this reason, plus safeguarding, our prizewinning opportunities for youngsters need to be dealt with in-house by the school.

In 2023/4, we will continue to organise Youth competitions  The top three schools in the area have supported before.  They are (alphabetically) : -

Oswestry School

St Martin’s Schoo

and, The Marches School


Opportunities are available to all local schools if they contact us.  Please do.


Schools are now competing for the Community Action Award


All proceeds from a Shredder Event will go to support the new Well-Being Centre at Woodside Primary School, Oswestry.

See/click on  Borderland-Shtredding-2023


                    Woodside Primary Breakfast Club supported by Borderland Rotay


Claire Bennett, Headteacher at Woodside Primary School in Oswestry said, "We are so grateful to Justin, Sherie and Borderland Rotary for their generous donation of £300 for our Breakfast Club. To ensure as many children as possible benefit from this money, we are  going to invest in some games and activities that children can play whilst attending our Breakfast Club. As well as ensuring children have a breakfast before they start the school day, we can further enhance their social and emotional wellbeing, giving them  the best possible start to the school day."


3 TVs for the children in Alice Ward at the Orthopaedic Hospital, Gobowen. Funds for these were raised by the Borderland Rotary Youth team.

2023 Young Writers Competition

For more - click on  john-cranwell-young-writer-awards



 Young Carers

Circumstances outside their control, sometimes impose a burden of "Carer" to someone else, often a relative.  Sometimes, that "Carer" is only a youngster.

Respite from that burden is so essential to be able to keep going.  Borderland Rotary support and work with the 'Young Carers' organisation to help provide this respite.  We provide different activities that enable youngsters to relax for a few hours, and have fun, as well as some financial support. 

Borderland Rotary take Young Carers to Laser Tag session.

Young Carers, the organisation that supports youngsters who find themselves as caring for others, and Borderland Rotary arranged a visit to Black Hawk Laser Games as a day out the for the carers and it was a great success. Black Hawk is based on the Mile Oak Industrial Estate, just off Maesbury Road and the group played one of their most popular games, Laser Tag.

Sherie Soper, from Borderland said, “They all seemed have so much fun and really got into the games and I must thank Black Hawk for being so supportive and for providing the food – it was a great, adventurous day out and I’m sure we’ll be back there again soon”.

Youth development of Community values as in Rotary

Oswestry School Community Action Group supports the litter picking work of the staff of Oswestry Town Council.  The total litter collected this term was 83.5 kilos (184 lbs).  A great total weight when you think that cigarette butts, papers and crisp packets, do not weigh much.

Borderland Rotary support and encouirage the development of Interact Clubs, for youth involvement with local community work and wider needs in our world.


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