July 22  Press Report

Phenomenal £35,000 raised by Haslemere Rotary Club for 21/22. Amongst the best result for many years.

Picture of Rotary President Paul Mills passing a cheque to Haslewey Manager Magdalena Psonka with Helen Talbot Haslewey Cafe / Customer support. Cheque totalled £5,000 for the year.

This was a contribution to the work of ‘Talk to Me’ a Counselling Service at that operates from Haslewey.

Rotary President said Counselling was a service that he had found invaluable in the past and he wants others that need help to be able avail themselves of such assistance.

Cheques presented to other organisations.

£5000 to Guildford Hospital Cancer Support Charity at the fountain centre. This Charity does so much to help those who suffer from Cancer. President Paul has observed the work carried out and is impressed at the way they deliver their services.

£12,000 to the Ukraine Appeal with the money going to various front line charities which are able to render urgent assistance to those suffering. President Paul said the generosity of Haslemere people towards the Ukrainian people has been immense.

£1000 to Rotary International that supports world wide disaster relief efforts through Rotarians globally.

£25,000 was raised, the value of supplying 250 renovated and new laptops to local school children over two years 20/21 & 21/22. Recalling how the Covid Pandemic affected school children working from home. President Paul said he was struck by the need for children to have their own computers in order that they could learn from home. Parents were suffering loss of jobs, working from home needing to use the family computer and school children were facing the problem of no access to computers.

In partnership with Disking Computers the public donated old lap tops that were renovated and given to children in addition grants were sought from local charities to buy new chrome books.

Rotary community work has recently involved helping with the Haslemere jubilee  procession along with the Fringe festival On Lion Green Haslemere. Hugely successful events.

Paul is carrying on as Rotary President for 22/23 to complete the sterling work he has started. He said if there are any others out there who want to help us please look at our web site. Google Haslemere Rotary.



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