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What are we like ? Could you fit in ?  Maybe enjoy our social connection ?  Would you like to volunteer with variety, to do your bit for our local community and the wider world ?
We are all volunteers, many with a wealth of experience to share.  The main thing is appreciating each other's company in our activities, both social and to benefit others; including a few laughs.

The only way to find out, is to try us out.  We always welcome newcomers.  Please contact us using the email facility below.


Some Questions Answered


How much will it cost me ?

Nothing for Volunteer Friends and Supporters when helping out.
Members of Borderland Rotary pay subs of about £10 per month, usually paid annually in June.  They pay for their own meals on the social side, and are expected to help with the work of the Club.

Is there a dress code ?

No.  For Club meetings, wear something comfortable and convenient for going out to eat.  At other times, wear whatever is comfortable and appropriate for the outdoor activity.

Are there rules about attending Club meetings ?

No.  Borderland Rotary members are encouraged to attend regularly, but in this day and age, it is not always possible or expected.  The monthly Business/Project meetings are more important.

Can my partner (husband/wife) come too ?

Yes. Apart from Club Business meetings, members often bring guests.  They are always made welcome, as are newcomers, supporters, other Rotarians, and potential new members.

There is no Rotary membership for couples as such, because each partner is treated individually in their own right.

Are there any restrictions on age ?

Yes.  For Rotary, you must be over 18 years of age.

How long will it take to become a Rotarian ?

As long as is needed.  There is no rush at Borderland Rotary.  Newcomers, interested in becoming Rotary members, are invited to take part in Club meetings and activities informally.  No commitment is expected until you are comfortable that you can enjoy the social fellowship and be part of everything.

There is no delay in opportunities to benefit the community.  New members are immediately appointed to work with a couple of the committee teams.

Are you interested  ?  Maybe ?

Contact us below and say what interests you most, if you live locally, or if you would like to visit on a Wednesday evening.

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Busy in Oswestry

Volunteer with Variety and enjoy being involved -- information

Busy Oswestry

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