President Roger - Valedictory Address

A difficult year if ever there was one.

"I don’t need to tell you that it has been a bit of an odd year. I think I have been to three events where I have met club members. We had an automotive quiz orienteering as Greig called it way back on 4th October last year which was a chance to meet but of course we were all stuck in cars whizzing about all over the place.

“I laid some wreaths on 8th November which wasn’t a very pleasant experience and then we had the Lochore Meadows walk on 9th May this year. That was about the only time apart from when Brian kindly dropped me off some potatoes from his allotment. 

“I met up occasionally with Robert. It that was the extent of my meetings apart from last Thursday when we handed over the regalia in the gardens between Dunfermline Abbey and the Library. It was good to see everybody and the weather was good for us.

“The social side of the club has been restricted but thank you all for keeping up with the zoom side. The attendance has been really good and raising funds has been very difficult. Thanks to Robert, the online FTSE competition and football competition that Douglas has helped with as well we have at least kept the thing ticking over. 

“We have made some encouraging contacts with local organisations, helping out during covid and it is thanks to Neil and to Robin particularly on that side of things. That has worked really well and we have kept up the support for the Kampong School in Cambodia. 

“Zoom has opened up new horizons as well, in most cases for guest speakers who gave really interesting presentations. It is thanks to Morag and Mark for sorting these out. That has been really good. 

“We haven’t gained any new members, our last one was Janice but on the other hand we haven’t lost any either with is good. We have kept it ticking over for the year and hopefully when Douglas takes over things will develop and we will be able to introduce more people.

“Of course we had the questionnaire during the year which has produced some quite interesting results and given a direction for the coming year.  

“Thank you all for all the support and efforts that you have made during my presidential year. All I can do is wish Douglas a very successful year and to Aileen as his deputy.”

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