Environment, Climate Change and the Power of One

Tue, Jun 1st 2021 at 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Malcolm Rooney spoke to the club about Rotary's new area of focus

The RI Board and the Board of Trustees have agreed that Protecting the Environment would be added as a seventh Area of Focus, effective 1st July 2021.

Fife Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan 2020-2030

The ESRAG Great Britain and Ireland Chapter is enjoying a sustained period of  growth and activity.  The Chapter meets monthly by Zoom and we operate as a collection  ofindividual project groups. Chapter members are encourage to raise ideas and projects which those interested can develop.

The monthly meetings are attended by over 50% of the Chapter members and we invite anyone else interested in the Environment and Climate Change to join us – this is proving to be a good way of attracting new members.

Globally there are 12 ESRAG Chapters with just shy of 1300 members in 73 Countries and 290 Rotary Districts.  ESRAG GB&I has 84 members

Current Chapter Groups are looking at the following:-

• Planting Trees in the UK and Africa
• Building Digital Bridges between UK Schools and African School to discuss environmental issues
• Raising awareness about issues relating to plastic
• Running an Environmental Sustainability Project 
• Running a World Environment Day Calendar – an activity a week for the six weeks prior to WED
• Creating an ESRAG GB&I page for the ESRAG Web Site
• Liaising with RGB&I Environmental Sustainability Group
• Maintaining an ESRAG GB&I Facebook Page

Possible Future Projects

• Clean air
• Engaging with the Younger Generation
• Preparing a presentation re the Environment as an Area Focus
• Supporting a Rotary in Scotland Collaboration with the NGO Keep Scotland Beautiful

Interests of individual members

• Developing a Club Carbon Footprint Calculator
• Building Green Walls
• Carbon offsetting
• Planning for CoP26
• Promoting RGB&I environment competitions

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Protecting the Environment

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