Hygiene Bank Collection

​Coventry Jubilee Rotary Club Supports the Hygiene Bank

The film “I Daniel” which portrays the harsh reality of life for those living in poverty inspired Lizzie Hall to found the Hygiene Bank. Lizzie talked to Teachers and Food Bank volunteers and was shocked to find that often choices had to be made between buying food and buying toiletries. In some schools, teachers were providing shampoo and deodorant for their pupils as well as providing sanitary protection, all products that most of us see as necessities, not luxuries.

Sadly hygiene poverty often contributes to the social stigma that affects all areas of life, work, school, and relationships. We know that a lack of access to hygiene products impacts on self-esteem and self-confidence both of which can lead to social isolation and even depression.
We recognise that Hygiene Poverty is both widespread and humiliating and so the Members of Coventry Jubilee had a one-off collection of personal hygiene items and household cleaning materials. In one evening we put together over two hundred items including washing up liquid, fabric softener, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant together with numerous other items. These have now been delivered to our local Hygiene Bank Coordinator who will distribute them across the city.
If you’d like to find out more about the Hygiene Bank then look at the website which is full of information www.thehygienebank.com

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