District Environmental Micro Grant 2022-23


Rationale for new District Environmental Micro Grant 2022/23  

Caring for the environment has been listed as the 7th Area of Focus 

The concept of a 1070 DEMG  is to encourage clubs to get behind this new area, Fresh inventive ideas will be encouraged !

A £200 cap (Maximum) on the amount as a contribution to either a one-off event – i.e., a litter pick / Beach clean, tree planting for clubs or Cluster of clubs (£300 Maximum ) or to purchase specialist equipment – i.e., tree planting spades litter pickers black bag holders, waders etc etc. for their own use after the initial event

(Rotary Foundation District Grants, match funded up to $1,000 and Global Grants with a minimum project value of $30,000 are also available for Rotary Environmental projects, contact DRFC Hugh Holden for further information)

The suggested projects should be broadly in line with District targets and objectives, so for example an inventive ways clubs can setup recycling initiatives locally – Public-facing with Rotary branding, 0r it could be used to publicize the Young Environmentalist competition, maybe fund a Young Environmentalist competition event (sandwiches/cakes/drinks) - or an award of say £100 (or equivalent in trees/litter pickers for the school)

Applications will be welcomed from any listed club Environment Lead 

Criteria to assist in completing the application form for a DEMG

Successful Grants will include: 

  • An Environmental theme
  • Classification of what aspect of the Environment you are targeting
  • What type of geographical area are you working in? Urban, Rural, Coastal ( postcode if possible) 
  • Working with existing community environmental projects working with schools and other groups
  • An event which is open to both Rotarians and other groups as either a Rotary or a shared enterprise
  • A DEMG  is available for club equipment/publicity to help getting an environmental activity started.
  • Supporting letter overview from any listed club Environment Lead 
  • Correct use of Rotary branding
  • All events should by nature be planned in an environmentally sustainable way ie travel plans, minimal use of single use plastics etc.
  • Clear simple aims and objectives of your project (think elevator pitch)
  • New inventive ideas will be encouraged!
  • Applications must be approved by and signed by the project leader and the Club President (or President Elect if submitted before the Rotary year to which the project refers)

For more information or help getting an environmental project underway please email Chris Davies  environment@rotary1070.org or if you prefer the Environment Committee member that heads the theme of your grant.

Process for introduction and lifecycle of District Environment Micro Grant 2022/23

Scheme approved by Env Committee.


Via Website, SOB, Club Leads Meetings, Rotary Magazine, direct mailout to Environmental leads, ADG’s and club secretary if no Enviro lead in place.

Feature on Facebook and other social media 


  1. Issue & track Application Form distribution - CD
  2. Acknowledge receipt.  Issue application to Env Committee to approve.
  3. Liaise with clubs on any points requiring clarification 
  4. Grant outcome – communicated within 28 days
  5. Advise District Treasurer with copy of finalised application form.
  6. Successful Club contacts District Treasurer with banking details requesting release of funds.
  7. District Environmental lead advised of transfer of funds by Treasurer.


  1. Identify relevant category and assign relevant member of the Committee ie Litter/beach/recycling/educational/Plastic/Biodiversity/Food  Etc 
  2. Applications tracked by CD.  Saved on Env Committee shared Drive.
  3. District Env contact to monitor assigned project and liaise with club project lead and report back monthly to District Env Committee on progress with a short written summary that can be used for District Team/Council and Treasurer.
  4. Follow up email at the transfer of funds, at the starting date of project and after completion (if one off event) by CD
  5. If an ongoing project Club to provide a quarterly catch-up email.

Application Form

Download the application form HERE

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