Medway Sunlight Rotary Club bringing hope to families in Moschun village in Ukraine

We are pleased to be able to support a great project to help the people of Ukraine begin to rebuild their lives

Moshchun village, northwest of Kyiv, saw heavy fighting in the early days of the Russian aggression with around 80% of the village destroyed. Lives were lost, homes destroyed and hearts and minds broken. Many of the villagers want to go back home but have nothing to return to.

Medway Sunlight is supporting the Rotary Clubs of Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv-City in Ukraine in their urgent efforts to provide pre-fabricated modular homes for around 300 families to enable them to return home.

They own the land, they have access to water sources, they want to prepare for the long hard winter that arrives in October and with Rotary’s help this can become a reality.

Each temporary home, complete with essentials like fridge, beds, heater, table etc is manufactured locally using local materials, local expertise and providing local employment.  Once completed they are transported to the site of the ruins of the families own home where an area has been cleared by local Rotarians and provide shelter whilst they rebuild.  Once reconstruction is finished the modules will be moved on to help another family.

Bill Parkinson from Medway Sunlight Rotary said “We have sent an initial donation of £600 towards this project and hope to be able to send more.  Each module costs about £10,000 but together with our fellow Rotarians in the South-East and throughout Great Britain we are aiming to provide as many modules as we can.  With the shelter provided comes an important thing that money cannot buy – hope for the future.”

If you would like to support this project, donate through our Paypal Giving Fund page using the button below - you dont need a Paypal account and we will receive 100% of your donation to pass on to the Moschun rehousing project!

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