Tue, Sep 13th 2022 at 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Venue: HPGC

Students from Hope academy receiving their award

The meeting started with a two minute silence in memory of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

A total of 30 people attended lunch at HPGC including seven guests from Hope Academy and Golborne High School as we presented the John Vardy Awards and the winner of the district young chef competition.

From Hope Academy students, Anna Healey (John Vardy Award) and Thomas Humphries (John Vardy Award), accompanied by teacher Julie Owens and student Vin Stokes (District Young Chef Winner) accompanied by teacher Hazel Standish.

From Golborne High School, Ruby Glavin (John Vardy Award) accompanied by teacher Ruth Hugill.  

Tony Chandler gave an introduction to the John Vardy Awards based on the works of John Shaw. If you want to read further about John Vardy please visit the clubs website as the full version is available or use the following link

Prior to the introduction of the award winners Julie Owens spoke about her son, a previous recipient of the John Vardy award, who is now a barrister in Manchester.

Hope Academy - Teacher Julie Owens introduced Anna Healey and Thomas Humphries who are this years recipients of the John Vardy Awards.  

Golborne High School - Teacher Ruth Hugill introduced Ruby Glavin who is this years recipient of the John Vardy Award.
All three students accepted the right to reply and thanked the Rotary Club for the award and gave an insight into how they are going to use it and their aspirations for further education.  

District Young Chef Winner - Teacher Hazel Standish introduced the winner Vin Stokes and Les Clancy presented him with a prize from the Rotary Club for his achievement.

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The following plan was presented at Club assembly for our support to International projects this Rotary year


This is a new group formed during the last Rotary year. Its remit is to look at how we move the club forward and recruit a more diverse membership


The following plan was put to our club assembly for working with the community.


Each month Rotary will have a monthly theme and our club will try to get involved in projects that embrace these themes.


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The following plan has been agreed at assembly to involve and support our local community..


Providing Rotary Service to International Communities. The following programme has been agreed at club assembly.


The following proposals were put to club assembly on July 4 by Youth Services chair, Les Clancy.


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With the club back to normal following the pandemic years we have been able to support a number of organisations this year.