Divali Evening

Tue, Oct 25th 2022 at 5:45 pm - 7:45 pm

Celebrating the festival of light.


For the first time Morpeth Rotary celebrated the Hindu Festival of Light known as Diwali. The meal was appropriate with chicken curry and Indian desserts. Everyone brought a small present and they were shared between male and female guests. To understand the meaning of the festival, President Arif Shahab invited a friend to offer some thoughts. Gurvinder said that it is a festival of light and peace to celebrate the conquest of darkness and evil. The festival has taken place for thousands of years over the entire Indian sub continent. A diwa is a small lamp in a clay pot to give light in the darkness. It is a challenge to the darkness. It should be recognised that there is good and bad in everyone and that we should seek to get rid of ignorance and evil in ourselves, not just at Diwali but all year round. 

President Arif announced that the Pakistan flood relief fundraiser held last week had raised £1000. It will be added to the money being sent by Rotary International.

Everyone was issued with a glow stick to light their way home.

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