Tue, Dec 20th 2022 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Welfare Issues - Derek Hirst has spoken with Austin Polding.

Visits to Report - Ian Parr reported that the two days at Marks & Spencers, Gemini had been genorously supported by the shoppers.


Speaker Donation - Jim Dolan “The Lighthouse Keeper” - A donation to British Heart Foundation was unanimously agreed by the members present.
Newton Hospital Welfare Association - Email from Dawn Green as follows:
Thank you so much for your generous and kind donation.  This year we have bought all 32 patients at Newton a Christmas present which consists of a  wash bag with toiletries in and each member of staff chocolates and pens for which we will hand out nearer to the big day. 
 So sorry to hear about Jack.  I have worked at Newton for 30 years so I can honestly say what a pleasure it was seeing Santa and I know that the staff look forward to it and the patients absolutely loved it.
Thank you again. Please let me take this opportunity to wish you all and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Kindest regards

Warm Spaces -A letter of thanks from Golborne and Lowton Methodist Church for the donation to help with heating costs during this winter was read out to club members.

The following email was also received from Judith at Cross Lane United Church:

Many thanks to you and your fellow Rotarians 
We hope you all have a good christmas please feel free to drop in any Friday and join us for coffee snacks and soup 

Christmas Float - Len Rainford/Alan Robinson - The float returned to the streets on Monday evening and will be out every night this week. The Wargrave Area and Vista Road routes that were cancelled last week will be completed Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd respectively.

Christmas Raffle - Jansa Project - Full list of prize winners from the Christmas Raffle as follows:

1 Basket and Booze - Red 37 - Ken Smith Newton Rotary Club
2 Whisky and Wine - Yellow 77 - Ben Pied Bull
3 Perfume - Yellow 11 - Alan Lawrenson
4 Hamper - Yellow 68 - Drinkworthy
5 Wine - Green 147 - Julie G Tyldesley Rotary Club
6 Wine - Green 185 - Tony B Wigan Rotary Club
7 Beer - Yellow 55 - Geoff Shaw Newton Rotary Club
8 Beer - Yellow 210 - Laine Halton Strollers
9 Beer - Red 101 - Caroline Robb
10 Chocolates - Yellow 126 - John Graves Newton Rotary Club

Final Toast - Rotary fellowship and peace the world over

'What We Do' Main Pages:

The following plan was presented at Club assembly for our support to International projects this Rotary year


This is a new group formed during the last Rotary year. Its remit is to look at how we move the club forward and recruit a more diverse membership


The following plan was put to our club assembly for working with the community.


Each month Rotary will have a monthly theme and our club will try to get involved in projects that embrace these themes.


The Youth Service Team will be involved in the following initiatives as agreed at our club assembly.


The following plan has been agreed at assembly to involve and support our local community..


Providing Rotary Service to International Communities. The following programme has been agreed at club assembly.


The following proposals were put to club assembly on July 4 by Youth Services chair, Les Clancy.


The Executive Committee has presented its plans for the coming year. The role of the executive is to oversee the service functions of the club.


With the club back to normal following the pandemic years we have been able to support a number of organisations this year.