Tue, Jan 10th 2023 at 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Twenty four members attended lunch. 

A special welcome was given Tony Chandler who was attending his last lunchtime meeting before moving to pasture’s new

Welfare Issues - John Kibblers funeral arrangements have been forwarded to all members. Funeral service: 12 pm, GreenAcres Rainford. Wake: Immediately after the funeral at Haydock Park Golf Club

Visits to Report -Ian Parr reported that he had visited Burtonwood last week to look for any suitable projects that we could support over the coming months. Len Rainford attended the Inspire to Aspire Christmas Party as Farther Christmas.

Chantelle Seaborn has resigned from the club as of the 3rd January.

Extract from the email received “I have met some lovely people at Rotary and enjoyed my active time with you. If you need help at the Beer Festival and other events next year don’t hesitate to contact me, it would be good to keep in touch.”

Eric Fearnley - Geoff Fisher received notice from Breens Solicitors that Eric Fearnley has bequeathed a legacy to the members of The Rotary Club of Newton-le-Willows as part of Eric Fearnley’s estate.

Christmas Float Presentation - The presentation of cheques to the community groups that helped with this years float will take place at St Pat’s Club on Friday 13th January at 7.00 pm. Please let Len Rainford know if you are going to attend as he needs the numbers for the caterers.There will also be a raffle to help finance the evening and any prizes would be gratefully received.


Tony Chandler - Bottle of whisky as a final gift.Hannah Rayer and Samantha Walkden staff members of HPGC are leaving at the end of the week. They have over 20 years service between them and both were presented with a card and a donation as a thank you for all they have done for the members over the period that they  have been at HPGC. 

Final Toast - Rotary fellowship and peace the world over

'What We Do' Main Pages:

The following plan was put to our club assembly for working with the community.


The following plan was presented at Club assembly for our support to International projects this Rotary year


This is a new group formed during the last Rotary year. Its remit is to look at how we move the club forward and recruit a more diverse membership


Each month Rotary will have a monthly theme and our club will try to get involved in projects that embrace these themes.


The Youth Service Team will be involved in the following initiatives as agreed at our club assembly.


The following plan has been agreed at assembly to involve and support our local community..


Providing Rotary Service to International Communities. The following programme has been agreed at club assembly.


The following proposals were put to club assembly on July 4 by Youth Services chair, Les Clancy.


The Executive Committee has presented its plans for the coming year. The role of the executive is to oversee the service functions of the club.


With the club back to normal following the pandemic years we have been able to support a number of organisations this year.