RotaryGB&I has partnered with Treekly to develop a Rotary challenge league where individual members can compete in their clubs, clubs can compete in their Districts and Districts can compete against Districts!

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There is no single easy solution to climate change but planting millions of trees is a key part of it. The Treekly Challenge is to maintain a daily walking habit of 5,000 steps. Hit the target, and in return mangrove trees are planted on your behalf in Madagascar.

RI President Shekhar Mehta has highlighted the importance of mangrove trees and at COP26 declared that mangrove restoration will become one of the key threads of Rotary’s environmental focus.


Our daily walks can help our physical and mental health, combat climate change, and help create livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty, educating and empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale. Restoring our forests helps offset carbon emissions – 20 trees per month captures 1,000kg of CO2 and is climate positive

RGB&I have set an annual target of planting 5 million trees in a year – for example, this would offset 500,000 flights from London to New York!

How do you get involved?

Firstly, download the Treekly App from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). Once you have an account members can then join our Rotary group by using the 5-digit code and password.

Ormskirk Clocktower Rotary Club currently have 20 members using the Treekly app and we have planted over 200 trees!

Rotary and Treekly video

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