Young Photographer Competition 2022-3

Wed, Feb 1st 2023 at 3:07 pm -

The Rotary Club of Whitby & District is pleased to announce the winners of the Whitby heat of the Rotary Young Photographer Competition 2022/23

Local young photographers aged 7-17 years were challenged to submit their best photo to the competition that captured the theme ‘The Beauty of Architecture’.

Maisy Squire won the 1st prize in the 11-13 years age group for her photograph of Whitby Pier.

Isabelle Greenwood took 2nd place, and 

Maiya Shaw and Jack Lord were joint 3rd.

What the judges said about Maisy’s winning photograph: -

‘Thought has gone into this bold composition, and her choice of monochrome presentation is agood one, as is her choice of a film like grain and contrast setting. The enormous structure sits solidly in the center of the frame, whilst the navigation light in the background has its own frame inside that shape. The textures in the sky, stone and rocks are all detailed and sharp and this is a very accomplished piece of work. A professional photographer would be very proud of this photo, and to realise that it was taken by someone so young, and on an iPhone 6S, is astonishing.’

Emilie Moss was the overall winner in the 14-17 years category.

Emilie said: - 

‘I was inspired to take this photo on holiday in Italy this Summer when I saw the warm sun on the beautiful architecture, contrasting with the blue sky’. 

The judges said of Emilie’s photograph: - 

‘The low sun has tinted everything with a warm shade, and sharp shadows emphasise the angles and corners of the buildings. The hard lines contrast well with the almost insolent round white cloud. The passageway between the buildings almost provides us with a journey, but it is so dark that we only catch a glimpse of some mysterious activity there. In many ways this is a brave photograph, with no obvious subject in the frame, the bold shapes and lines take over to great effect. Well spotted and well executed’.

The Rotary Club of Whitby & District is keen to support the dreams and aspirations of local young people and create opportunities for them to unlock their potential. Thank you to all the young people that participated in this event.

The winning entries have gone forward to take part in the Regional Final and if successful will then compete in the National Final of the Rotary Young Photographer Competition 2022/23.

A big thank you also to the volunteers from the Whitby Community that judged the competition: - Rob Williams, David Kirtlan, Donald Readman, Tony Hewitt and Dag Kjelldahl.

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