International co-operation, disaster relief and providing educational resources.
If you would like to help with our support for Ukraine please contact us through the Contact link at the top of this page.
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International Cooperation

For a number of years, we have enjoyed an affiliation with the Rotary Club of Dronten, in the Netherlands, where the emphasis has been on the sharing of ideas and fellowship.  We meet up biennially, alternating between Dronten and Skipton locations.

25 years of friendship

Our Dronten colleagues have often supported our annual Santa Fun Run, and in 2022 they fielded a record 17 participants

The Great Skipton Santa Fun Run 2022

Disaster Relief

Sadly, there have been all to many disasters around the World in recent years, such as war, earthquakes and flooding.

We stand ready to support disaster relief efforts wherever they occur in the World, through specific fundraising collections, contributions towards the purchase of ShelterBoxes and warm clothing donations.  All such contributions are handled by Rotary members local to the area of the disaster.

In recent years, we have contributed towards relief efforts resulting from:

  • Beirut explosion - 2020
  • Pakistani Floods - 2022
  • War in Ukraine - 2022/2023
  • Turkey/Syria earthquakes - 2023



International sub-pages:

Rotary Clubs collect for victims of earthquake

more £2078 raised - enough for 4 Shelterboxes


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Dronten Netherlands

European Friends

more Skipton Craven Rotary Club is twinned with Dronten Rotary Club which is in Holland.