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Coventry Jubilee Rotary was formed in 1977, the year of late Queen's Silver Jubilee.

We are one of three Rotary clubs in the city of Coventry being chartered in 1977, the year of the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee.

Our club banner represents the Coventry Cross, a monument first erected in Coventry in 1423 to denote the medieval marketplace. The Coventry Cross was rebuilt in 1544 and was said to be the most beautiful market cross in the country as it was decorated with many statues of kings and saints, and as well as being brightly painted, it was also covered with much gold. It was said at the time that on a sunny day, people could not bear to look directly at it! After falling to decay it was demolished in 1778 and not rebuilt until the 1960s.

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Rotary Club Citation

more We were delighted to be awarded a Rotary Club Citation this year. It’s good to know that our work with Local, National and International Communities has been recognised.