Tanzania Sanitary Pad Project 2023

Tanzania Sanitary Pad Project 2023


The project was a life changing one.

Day one.
This was training seminar on menstrual hygiene education for all the girls who
received the donated sanitary pads. There were two teachers, one health worker
from the local health center and the person who made the sanitary pads. These
were the trainers.

The Rotary club of Hai-Kilimanjaro introduced the project to the local government
to get the government approval and cooperation. The government endorsed the
project by sending one female health officer to participate in the training session..

Topics covered day one includes:
Menstruation, what is Menstrual cycle?
How to track menstrual cycle,
What causes Menstrual cycle irregularities
What to do to prevent irregularity.
Menstrual hygiene education,
Sanitation, keeping body parts clean, handwashing
A girl’s body will be healthy if she practices good hygiene during her period.
Not being clean can leave girls at risk of infections.
How to use pads, wash reusable pads.
Reusable cloths also need to be changed at least every six hours, or earlier if they
feel full. After a girl is done with her cloth, she needs to wash it with soap and
water and hang it outside to dry in the sun.

Menstruation does not have to be a secret. There is a big difference between being
discreet and keeping something secret because you are scared or ashamed. Once a
girl is informed, she can be of help to other girls even if they are younger than her.
She can also help older women in her family who didn’t have the opportunity to
learn what she knows. She can be a girl leader.

Day Two,
This was distribution day.
300 girls received a reusable sanitary kit each contained two holders, seven pads,
one underwear, a soap and a towel.

Children were interviewed after receiving the pads and their comments reflect that
it was a big support for them and that they are now comfortable to attend classes
each time including the days they are on menstruation.

School attendance change.
The teachers have reported that after giving the female students the pads, they have
observed that the students who missed most of their classes in the past due to
menstruation, they have attended school almost 95% in the month of April.

This is a good sign that the pads have helped them and they feel more comfortable
at school.

The students are eager to learn on how to make the pads which is to be
implemented in the next phase of the project.
Thank you, Rotary Club of Penrith and Hai, for supporting this project.

By Agnes Kulaya.

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