Young Artist Competition 2024

Our annual competition for budding artists - our entrants all won the second stage District Competition last year

Young Artist Competition 2024

Our popular annual competition focusses this year on ‘Rebuilding’

The Theme for the Young Artist competition is simply ‘Rebuilding’ so it gives young people the widest opportunity to share their creative talents in showing us what it means to them

‘Rebuilding’ can be interpreted as broadly as the Young Artist wishes and does not need to conform to the dictionary definition of the word. It could be taken literally in its architectural sense or relate to any of the issues our world currently faces, for instance:

  • protecting and rebuilding our rain forests
  • protecting and rebuilding our coral reefs
  • protecting and rebuilding numbers of our endangered species
  • or it could be as simple as a bird rebuilding its nest

The competition is open to all schools and college communities and those who are home educated, along with any other young people’s community organisations, for example, Scout Groups, Girl Guides, Church Youth Groups

There are three age groups:

Junior                7 to 10 years old*
Intermediate:     11 to 13 years old*
Senior:               14 to 17 years old*             * on 31 August 2023

Entries now closed
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The document folder should open automatically and allow downloading of the files to your own device. The internet servers of some schools, including Stephen Perse Foundation, do not allow access to external Google Docs. Applicants from those schools may need to obtain the documents from home

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