Corporate Membership

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP                                        

Ingatestone Rotary is currently in the process of creating a new Corporate Membership scheme to give business leaders, who are interested in joining Rotary, the opportunity to become corporate members.

Designed to appeal to local businesses, professional practices, non-profits, educational institutions and local organisations, it will enable them to give back to their community.

How it works:

One senior member and two different representatives join as members of Rotary. Typically, the employer pays the subscription as they are usually tax-deductible. The annual membership contribution is flexible. The annual fee is under review but will be in the region of £150 and will make a difference to our work by supporting numerous projects and charities locally and internationally. The Rotary year starts on 1 July.

Key benefits of Corporate Membership are:

·       Marketing. Reputation will be enhanced as an outward looking caring organisation to be trusted by staff, suppliers and clients who will perceive this and show support.

·    You will help make a difference to those less fortunate by identifying more closely with the local and International communities demonstrating a Public Service Benefit.

·           Business networking, marketing and entertaining opportunities.

·        As part of Rotary, it will benefit your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the triple bottom line [ People - Planet - Profit] towards the community and the environment in which you operate.

·    Personal satisfaction – employees recognize the organisation’s commitment to serving others and  experience the gratification of helping people less fortunate than themselves.

·             Teambuilding opportunities for staff bonding through community projects.

·             Shared fundraising for charitable causes you or your staff may favour, allied to community service. Sponsorship benefits.

·             Annual Accreditation Certificate will license you to freely use the Rotary logo, with the strap line “Helping the community through Rotary”

·             Reciprocal presence and advertising links from the Club’s website, and vice versa

·             No personal time commitment obligations.

·             Reduced cost compared with personal membership.

·             Members can attend Rotary meetings and events, with guests.

For more information, please contact us 

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