Great British Car Journey

Club visit to the Great British Car Journey

Group at the Great British Car Journey

Twenty members, family and friends visited the Great British Car Journey at Ambergate followed by a meal at The Hurt Arms. 

There was much reminiscing over the first cars owned as everyone enjoyed examining cars from the first British Austin through to a modern-day Rolls Royce. The purple-coloured Morris Minor caused both surprise and a flood of memories, with Ford Cortinas, Vauxhalls, Jowetts and Vivas all coming under scrutiny. The condition of every vehicle, in that they are all in showroom condition and in full running order, is quite remarkable. The individual audio units telling the complete story of British vehicle manufacture made the visit quite special. A meal at the nearby Hurt Arms followed, with good food and fellowship and laughter. 

by John Stamp

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Group at the Great British Car Journey

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