Business Meeting and Tree of Light Presentations

Tue, Mar 5th 2024 at 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Presenting the Tree of Light Charities their monies and hearing from the charities


Supported by the wonderful people of Morpeth, almost £6000 was collected in donations to the 2023 Christmas Tree of Light at Sanderson Arcade, where loved ones are remembered with messages and candles. Each of three charities was presented with a cheque for £1950 at an evening event at Morpeth Golf Club.


Donna Swan spoke about Calmer Therapy that helps 250 people a week. They run the busy Stobhill Community Centre. They support disabled children. It is a safe, and welcoming environment for everyone but the building is old and needs constant repair.  A new project called 'Ambitious Youth' will encourage an entrepreneurial approach by young people, using work experience and holiday jobs to prepare for the world of work.  


Gill Monaghan said that Barnabas Safe and Sound had been providing help for young people since 2001. It offers the three strands of, prevention from harm, advice and support, and accommodation for the homeless. This is especially important as there is no statutory youth service. An innovative new project will help to prepare young people for opportunities in science, engineering and technology.  


Richard Anderson first thought that the Wansbeck Foodbank, would only be needed for about 5 years. It has now been running for 13 years and need has increased every year, with a massive growth since Covid. A large number of people are being fed. It will soon relocate to permanent new premises in the grounds of Northgate Hospital. 



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