Charities Thank Bexhill Rotary Club for Support

Surviving Christmas and Westerleigh Judokwal thanks us for our donations

Westerleigh Judokwal on their Ireland trip


Bexhill Rotary Club has received grateful thanks from two local charities which were each given donations of £500 by the club to support their important work.

Sue Peck, Chair of Surviving Christmas, an offshoot of Hastings Voluntary Action, says, “A huge thank you for your wonderful donation, your support means such a lot to us as we would never be able to help as many local residents without your help.” She adds, “This year we provided 830 hampers and served Christmas meals on both days of Christmas to 247 guests.” More information on how the charity helps local people can be found on their website

Sarah Haines of Westerleigh Judokwai writes, “Thank you for your donation and support for our recent trip to Ireland in November 2023 in the Tipperary Open – Friendship Inclusion Games. We took a group of mainstream and adaptive athletes, who have a wide range of disabilities, to this competition.

The club could not be prouder of all our athletes who brought back a total of 18 medals between them.” Sarah finishes by saying, “This trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support and we are extremely grateful that you could help Westerleigh.” If you are interested in Westerleigh Judokwai, more information can found on

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