District Governor

Ian McTurk PHF

District Treasurer

Larry Branyan PHF

District Secretary

Kath Robinson PHF

Assistant Governor

Sandy Morrison

Assistant Governor

Pam Holgate PHF

Assistant Governor

John Cook

Assistant Governor

Linda Lambson PHF

Assistant Governor

John McGill PHF

Assistant Governor

Shaun Ashworth PHF

Assistant Governor

Annette Ramsden PHF

Assistant Governor

Mike Esters MPHF

Public Image Team Leader

Simon Farnsworth

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

Welma Robinson PHF

Membership Team Leader

Mary Bradley MPHF

International Service Team Leader

Phil Davies PHF

Youth Service Team Leader

Matthew Willey PHF

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Welma Robinson PHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Kath Bromilow PHF

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Pam Holgate PHF

Safeguarding Officer

John Mallalieu MPHF

Environment Officer

Dawn Taylor


Malcolm Lewis


David Simpson MPHF

Leadership Development & Training

Gil Riley PHF


Sheena Marsden

Sports Officer

Michael Hindle

Primary Webmaster

Larry Branyan PHF

Membership Database Officer

Gil Riley PHF

Health & Safety

Brian Boyd PHF

Foundation Grants Coordinator

Sam Jones PHF

Equality & Diversity

Miles Leadbeater PHF

Resilience Officer (Cumbria)

Brian Mitchelhill PHF

Resilience Officer (Lancashire)

Malcolm Watkins PHF

Community & Vocational Chairman

Ian Johnston PHF

Finance Committee Chairman

David Simpson MPHF

Chief Steward

Robert Baker


Sheena Marsden

District CoL Representative

Malcolm Baldwin PHF

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2020-2021 Team training workshops and the 2021 Rotary Conference video

2021-2022 Rotary International Theme

Ian McTurk a member of Church & Oswaldtwistle Rotary will be District Governor for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.


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Rotary Supporting the Environment

From 1st July 2021 supporting the Environment becomes Rotary International's 7th Avenue of Service.