District Governor

Stewart Cursley PHF

District Treasurer

Stephen Moorse

District Secretary

Penny Underwood PHF

Assistant Governor

Mike Osborne PHF

Assistant Governor

Rob Porter PHF

Assistant Governor

Terry Bate

Assistant Governor

Wendy Simmons

Assistant Governor

Dot Cretney

Assistant Governor

Guy Parkinson MPHF

Assistant Governor

Mike Hedges

Public Image Team Leader

Stewart Cursley PHF

Rotary Foundation Team Leader

Tony Quinn MPHF

Membership Team Leader

Mark Gooch

International Service Team Leader

Alison Brown

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Dennis Stevens

District Governor Nominee (DGN)

Dennis Stevens

Safeguarding Officer

Nigel Handbury

District Trainer

Scott McIntosh PHF

Leadership Development & Training

Scott McIntosh PHF


John Mander PHF

Sports Officer

Ian Maynard

Vocational Team Leader

Sarah Folland

Primary Webmaster

Chris Ringrow

Health & Safety

Nigel Handbury

Youth Speaks Coordinator

Rachel Davies

Assistant District Treasurer

Stan Jones PHF

Alumni Officer

John Butler PHF


Stan Jones PHF

Equality & Diversity

Nigel Handbury

End Polio Now

Keith Barnard-Jones PHF

Executive Secretary

Jane Redfearn PHF

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Showcase of all the youth competitions run by clubs throughout the year

Local Rotary clubs comprise local people who give their time and skills to help and support their local communities. Rotary volunteering, with like minded people, is not only rewarding, but creates lasting change.


The Rotary International Network enables us to work with volunteers throughout the world.

Rotary 2 volunteers set off to pain a community hall in Frome

When a group of people who share common ideals get together something magical happens. Whether it is running a charity event, painting a local community centre, or running a social enterprise, working with others makes it happen.


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