District Governor

Ric Canham PHF

District Treasurer

Peter Mills PHF

District Secretary

Joy Bailey

Assistant Governor

Dot Cretney PHF

Assistant Governor

Mike Osborne MPHF

Assistant Governor

Mike Kew

Assistant Governor

Cate Whitewood PHF

Assistant Governor

Wendy Grassby

Assistant Governor

Roger Vincent

Assistant Governor

David Perkins MPHF

Assistant Governor

Penny Underwood PHF

Public Image Team Leader

Lindsey Luxton PHF

Membership Team Leader

Guy Parkinson MPHF

Youth Service Team Leader

Sharon Haigh PHF

Immediate Past District Governor (IPDG)

Michael Fernando MPHF

District Governor Elect (DGE)

Stuart Gilbert PHF


Joseph Swindell

Sports Officer

Roger White

Vocational Team Leader

Sarah Folland

Rotaract Officer

Eddie Sims


Stan Jones PHF

End Polio Now

Keith Barnard-Jones PHF

Executive Secretary

Dennis Stevens

Fellowship Exchange

PDG Brian Murray Murray PHF

District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair (DRFCC)

Richard Brind

RIBI District Treasurer

Peter Mills PHF

District Secretary

Joy Bailey

'What We Do' Main Pages:

Rotarians are an important link between their local community and the Rotary network. With local roots they know local people and business with whom they connect to provide support where needed.


Its never too early to be part of Rotary, having fun and making a difference.


The international network of Rotarians enables us to work with local people who understand local needs.


When a group of people who share common ideals get together something magical happens.