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The District Public Image committee is here to help Clubs make the most of their individual and any area wide awareness raising opportunities.  Whilst we support the dissemination of information within the District our focus is increasingly on how we can engage with the general public and prospective members of the Rotary family.

Contact Welma Robinson, Public Image Team Leader for further information.

Our toolkit includes:

  • District web site
  • District Facebook Page
  • Rotary Norwest
  • Public Image Trailer
  • PR Training events - Telling your Rotary Story
  • Club Web Site, Bulletin, PR and Facebook Competitions
  • Training and support in utilising the RI Brand Guidelines
  • Area based pullups and teardrop banners
  • Press Releases and support for District Committees

To book the Public Image trailer for an event, please contact the District Secretary. Click this link to download the guide on use of the trailer.

District Public Image & Membership Newsletters 




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