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Strong Public Image

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The District Public Image Team is here to help Clubs make the most of their individual and area wide awareness raising opportunities.  Whilst we support the dissemination of information within the District our focus is increasingly on how we can engage with the general public and prospective members of the Rotary family.

Public Image (PI) is crucial for clubs to effectively promote their activities and community projects.  A strong Public Image strategy helps to enhance the visibility of the clubs, showcasing their impact and fostering a positive reputation. By effectively communicating their achievements and goals, clubs can attract prospective members, engage with the general public, and build stronger community ties. Additionally, a well-maintained public image can drive support for various initiatives, increasing participation and resources for service projects.

Contact Welma Robinson, Public Image Team Leader for further information using the form at the bottom of this page.

Our toolkit includes:

Additional Resources

There are some additional resources available to members that can be accessed by logging into this Website with their My Rotary account.  These resources include details about :

  • Rotary Public Image Trailer and contents with Booking Form
  • RotaryGBI leaflets to download and the Print Service Shop
  • District leaflets (free)
  • Rotary Values Card to download
  • Ideas for Branded Rotary Clothing

Public Image Trailer

This is a fantastic promotional tool in the form of a trailer, perfect for events and conferences.  Contents include a Backdrop (the only item available separately for large indoor events), Gazebo, Kiosk, 8 pull-up banners, 2 horizontal banners, 4 flag banners and 2 Mark of Excellence 80cm Rotary Wheels.

Conveniently stored in the Kendal area, it is readily available for use. For bookings or inquiries, please contact Brian White or refer to guidelines and the booking form on the Members Only part of the website.

    Other News about Rotary in Cumbria & Lancashire

    Visit our District facebook page for news about Rotary Clubs in our District or read the latest copy of Norwest, our District magazine by clicking on the images below.


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