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The Rotary magazine in Cumbria and Lancashire - spring 2016

The Rotary Magazine in

Cumbria & Lancashire

known as Rotary Norwest

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About Publication and contributions 2017-2018

Your club's contributions would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible to fill the following categories:
  • Feature Articles: 500 - 1000 words plus pictures
  • Forthcoming events: a small article of 100 - 150 words, with  a picture or a logo
  • Personalities: Rotarians personal stories, or presentations to Rotarians
  • Obituaries: 300 words or less, or just the name and club
  • Club News: Brief articles of 200 or so words about your club activities - preferably with a picture.
  • District Roundup: Items which pertain to the whole district, competition and sports news, and about the family of Rotary.
  • Letters: Have you got something to say to the whole district? or reply to a previous letter published?
  • New members: Let's acknowledge every new members inducted into our clubs - and encourage other clubs to get out there and find them, just the name and club unless there is some exceptional circumstance such as a famous person.
  • Paul Harris Honours: Let us honour again a person you have decorated
  • Adverts: Support Norwest with an advert for your company, reach every one of the 2200 Rotarians and many other businesses and professional offices in the district.
  • Pictures are essential - preferably action rather than posed and high resolution, and should be either attached to the email or sent separately if more than a couple. Please do not embed them in word files. We look forward to hearing from you - or a member of your club- with your stories.