Mock Interviews

The Rotary MOCK INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE - an easier, more effective and more enjoyable way of conducting mock interviews.    


Giving clear feedback at the end of a mock interview is essential if we are to help young people identify their interview strengths and weaknesses. This challenging task is now made a great deal easier by using the new Mock Interview Assessment Checklist which has been developed by the Rotary Club of Wrexham Erddig.    

This checklist, along with other well researched supporting material such as a list of core questions, has already been used by Rotarians at more than 5,000 interviews. Not only are interviews more effective, but they are easier and more enjoyable.    

It brings Mock Interviews well within the scope of most Rotarians and other volunteers.    


The material can be obtained by accessing the Home Page of the Wrexham Erddig Site and clicking on MOCK INTERVIEW MATERIAL in the What We do section.

This project has the full support of the District ComVoc Committee.