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Some help and guidance on Marketing & Public Relations in your club.

Hi, welcome to the Public Image part of our website. We are preparing to help clubs out in Marketing any event they are planning, as well as creating local club groups for specific events, such as the Eisteddfod at Llangollen every July. 

Did you know that clubs can now easily source your own leaflets from the Rotary GB&I Public Image page bespoke for your club?

There is a range of literature available through Rotary GB&I;  some of it is free of charge from Rotary GB&I or RI.

Don't forget, spreading the word about Rotary and what it does is our best way of getting new members!

See a few Marketing and publicity ideas used with great effect by other clubs

Public relations (PR) is the way organisations and individuals communicate with the community, public and media. Communication is directly through the media with an aim to create and maintain a positive image and create a strong relationship with the community. Examples include press releases, newsletters, giving talks to other organisations, etc. as well as utilisation of the world wide web. Never miss an opportunity to promote your event and follow up with a press release after the event.  Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Cultivate a reporter. Make contact with a named reporter at your local press publication. Find this through a website or the publication itself. Feed information to them regularly and develop an expectation in them that they can expect good material from Rotarians.
  • Find out what is required, journalists are busy and working to deadlines, they are often very willing to tell you how many words they need and what is the heading they are inserting your material into.
  • Listen to the requirements and make sure that your report fits the bill. The best way to get accurate reporting is to give them well produced material which they don’t need to edit. (e.g. if the column is "First Person" then your material needs to be written in the first person.)
  • If sending a press release consider asking the person in your club who tells a good story to write it, it is then likely to be lively and interesting to the reader.
  • Specimen press releases are available on the Rotary GB&I website, together with more advice on writing them.
  • Always send material electronically to the papers.  Good quality photos should be added as attachments with the press release..
  • Try not to be disheartened if material is not used or severely edited. See what changes the Editor has changed and learn by it.

Remember that the circulation of many newspapers is on a steep decline and that other public media are also approachable and available.

There is an excellent library of template press releases for key Rotary GB&I events, such as youth competitions, Know Your Blood Pressure, peace scholarships and other events. 

    Sometimes, there are stories which mention topics relevant to Rotary, particularly polio, but do not mention the organisation. This can be for many reasons. It may not have been appropriate, it may be due to editing or even a lack of knowledge by the journalist. This can lead to feedback from clubs. The statement below may help to answer some of your questions:

    There is also great PR achieved through establishing relationships with media organisations including the BBC.

    The Rotary GB&I PR Officer is also on hand to assist with potential media crises. The Media Crisis Management Procedure is available in the related downloads section below, along with other useful resources. It is recommended that this document is read regardless of whether a situation is underway.

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