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Youth Service offers so many opportunities for young people. From Rotary GB&I youth competitions such as Young Chef, Young Photographer, and Youth Speaks, to recognising outstanding work in the community through the Rotary GB&I Young Citizens Awards which are presented at the Rotary GB&I Conference each year and broadcast live on the BBC News Channel.
There is also an opportunity to work in teams and challenge the mind whilst developing skills in technology with the Technology Tournaments or to study and visit overseas with Rotary Youth Exchange as well as develop leadership skills with Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
The aim is to help young people discover and develop their own personal skills, grow their self-esteem and enjoy themselves in the process.
Whether it is RotaKids, Interact or taking on the challenge of Rotary GB&I Young Writer there is something for everyone to participate in.
We are always looking to introduce new Youth related activities and competitions. Young Environmentalist, Young Filmaker and Young Artist were intrioduced 2019/20 and Young Scientist will be introduced shortly. 
Clubs and Districts all play a vital role in reaching out to youngsters so make use of your District youth officers, get involved with your schools and youth groups and share your stories of success with the resource group.

The updated Youth Competition information  packs and guidance notes are annually uploaded to the Rotary GB&I website.
Rotarians: You can find the info packs & guidance notes for all the competitions here:

Log in to "My Rotary" will be needed to gain access to the entry forms, but the rules/guidance notes (and posters) do not require log-on.

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE VARIOUS COMPETITIONS & YOUTH ACTIVITIES HELD BY, OR RUN IN, DISTRICT 1180 - PLEASE CLICK ON THE APPROPRIATE TAB TO THE RIGHT OF THE SCREEN. These sub pages are regularly updated, and will include contact details, and where known, entry deadline dates etc.

It is ESSENTIAL that the correct-year entry forms are used (log in will be required to access) AT ALL STAGES OF A COMPETITION - and that to comply with GDPR the forms and all personal details are deleted / destroyed after use - within the timescales as set by Rotary GB&I (normally shortly after the final stage of the competition has been concluded in any given year).

Please be mindful of any COVID-19 restrictions. For the rest of 2020 (at least) there is an embargo on face to face contact (RGBI policy), resulting in great challenge for clubs to run any competitions. Schools, which are the usual contacts are rather pre-occupied with more pressing issues. District competitions are still planned as are Regional (Chef, Musician and Speaks), but whether they will happen remains to be seen. RGBI finals will not run in 2020/21 for these three main competitions, but they are planned for the non-contact (and largely individual) competitions - Writer, Photographer, Artist, Environmentalist. Young Citizen (entry directly from clubs to RGBI) is also still to run.

Information for the clubs in Wales - posters are available in Welsh:
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Howard Ferdinando, Team Leader, Youth Service - Rotary District 1180

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Youth Service pages:

Young Writer

Creative writing is a talent to be celebrated and to be able to write is a special gift. In Great Britain and Ireland there are young people who have, or have the ability to develop, this talent which Rotary wishes to promote.



Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary's leadership training program for young people.


Young Environmentalist

A new competition for 2019/20


Young Artist

Rotary 1180 Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks


Young Magician


Young Scientist

A new competition due to launch soon!


Young Golfer

This is not yet run in District 1180 - but if any Rotarian in District is interested in setting this up, please advise the District Youth Service Team Leader.


Young Filmmaker

A new competition for 2019/20

RotaKids in1180





Youth Exchange


Camps and Tours


Young Chef

District 1180 winner 2018, & Regional winner 2018 - Tomas Atkinson (back left) at the Regional Final


Technology Tournament

2018 Winner (Juniors) - Philippa Graybrook

Young Photographer

Phillippa Graybrook - 2018 (Junior) District winner


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