Rotary Scholars

Rotary Grants for Post Graduates wishing to study abroad

Global Grant Scholarships

Global grants support scholarships for graduate students studying abroad in one of the six areas of focus.

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Scholarships range from one to four years and therefore can include an entire degree program. Prospective scholars must show proof of admission to the chosen university before the grant will be approved.


The Foundation does not require global grant scholars to carry out ambassadorial duties, but the scholarship sponsor may encourage participation in club events or service projects.


Global grant scholarships are funded using cash and/or the District Designated Fund, matched by the World Fund. The global grant budget must total at least US$30,000, but a scholarship may be a component of a larger grant application

In September 2019 District Funded a Scholar to attend Madison University in the USA her name is Alison Shepherd and she is loving the Course. She is being well looked after by Rotarians in the USA and says everyone is very helpful and friendly. She must have impressed her Tutor as he has invited her to part of a Team which goes to the Netherlands next June to give a presentation.Alison already has a First Class Honours degree in Global Development and Education which she studied at Leeds University. Alison has on many occasions worked in other countries with Refugee children's education and the Course she is on at Madison is a PhD in Education Policy Studies. We wish Alison well in her studies. The Course is a four year course and D1180 has funded the first year for her as she will be able to obtain funding after that but she is not able to obtain funding in the USA for the first year's course. 

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Rotary Scholars

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