Rotary in our Community

Service in our communities is a foundation of Rotary. It’s what we do!

Rotary in our Communities
Our communities are at the heart of Rotary service. Community Service it is the Avenue of Service that most people associate with Rotary. 
Rotary Community Service projects help to positively impact the quality of life and living environment for the people we serve in our local communities.
Rotarians in our District are involved in the planning and delivery of a variety community projects and initiatives, often in partnership with local agencies and charities, but always focusing on the needs of the local community.
Rotary clubs will determine priorities for service projects by first learning about community's needs and then developing a response that addresses them. We focus on engaging with people and delivering Service Above Self.
All Rotary clubs in our District are engaged in projects in their local communities, supporting Rotary led and community led projects, as well as raising money to support a variety of other local groups and projects.
Every Rotary club and every Rotarian assumes a responsibility to find ways to improve the collective quality of life for everyone in their community.
Rotarians Are People of Action.

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