Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel was formed in 1923 to compliment and support rotary Clubs and offer the hand of friendship worldwide. It became an International organisation in 1976 and now links over 100,000 members in 3895 clubs from approximately 103 geographical locations in the world today.
International Inner Wheel is most probably the largest women's Voluntary Service Organisation in the world. Inner Wheel holds Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) status with the United Nations and has representatives in its three centres of Geneva, New York and Vienna enabling it to play an important role in today's world.
Members enjoy working together making new friends and having fun whilst experiencing the sense of 'belonging' that Club life brings. Visiting fellow members around the world is a great joy and the start of lifelong friendships.
The objects of Inner Wheel are
    To promote true friendship
    To encourage the ideals of personal service
    To foster international understanding.
Active Membership of Inner Wheel may be retained or taken up by the following provided that they are over 18 years:
     A female who is related to or was related to a Rotarian / former Rotarian / Inner Wheel member / former Inner Wheel member.
     A female Rotarian or former female Rotarian.
     A former female member of Rotaract or the wife of a member of Rotaract
Inner Wheel.

District 17 incorporates the whole of Devon excluding Plymouth and currently has 10 Clubs - See District 17 clubs

Inner Wheel District 129 incorporates the whole of Cornwall plus Plymouth and currently has 15 clubs - see District 129 clubs