Conducting weekly meetings over the internet

Conducting weekly meetings over the internet

District 1175, the South West Peninsula, is planning to develop an e-Club for those busy people who have embraced the new technologies of the 21st Century, and would like to hear from anyone who is interested.

There has always been a strong emphasis on working together in Rotary, and there has never been a greater need for Rotary service than we see in the difficult times of today. We need to adapt our organisation which has given Service to its communities for over 100 years. A key aspect from the very beginning has been an emphasis of networking, so as a new way of taking Rotary forward we are embracing the two key elements of partnership and networking to help Rotary grow.

We will be looking for someone with passion to drive the formation of the new club and become its first President. We hope to work alongside District 1100 who have recently chartered their e club and who will enrol members into their club as Rotarians, sharing their projects and growing a hub in Devon, until it is sufficient in number to stand alone.
Rotarians are in the Business of:
-  supporting our local and international communities using our time and vocational skills
a business, social and international network
-  opportunities for personal, leadership and business development
fun for you and your family and making new friends

Rotary e Clubs follow the same policies and good service as all Rotary clubs. The key difference is that an e-Club conducts its weekly meeting over the internet using the club
s website, rather than being physically present at a meeting. Members may also attend meetings at any time and any day of the week, interacting with other members in a social networking environment.

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